TP Consortium

Talla Padmavathi Group of Educational Institutions are renowned for their uncompromising academic standards for over 37 long years be it in Schooling or Pharmacy or Engineering.

Talla Padmavathi Consortium believes that every student is endowed with a unique set of attributes and aptitudes which need to be nurtured so that they can bloom to his/her fullest potential. Therefore, every student deserves an education that fosters academic excellence coupled with all-round development while ensuring the aspirant’s well-being.

The legacy began 37 years ago in 1981 with the inception of Learners’ Land schools in Warangal and there by playing a responsible role in shaping bright future of the students to the satisfaction of the parents. Subsequently, the consortium embarked on Talla Padmavathi Pharmacy colleges and eventually Talla Padmavathi College of Engineering, carving out a niche for itself, through its services for the cause of quality education.

Talla Padmavathi International School is yet another new project of the Consortium, the sole aim of which is to sculpt the student to the global standards, thereby creating a world of opportunities both at home and abroad.