Chairman's Desk

“I believe that a child's first experiences at school are crucial to inculcate the requisite traits and to nurture the skills both inherent and acquired, to make him/her an absolute Positive Receiver of Life”.

A Warm Welcome to Talla Padmavathi International School - An avant-garde approach, eliciting the essence of education with an emphasis on Life skills.

Questioning is the key to a whole world of knowledge. And we make the child more and more inquisitive with an unquenchable thirst to know about everything around him/her, in turn, developing a thorough understanding of society coupled with a sense of responsibility towards it.

Talla Mallesham

Essence of education is the ability to perceive life unconditionally in the most optimistic way. This is what exactly Talla Padmavathi International School cherishes to realize among its students. And this very sublime objective of the school makes it stand aloof from the other institutions. With its focal point on ‘Life skills’, the school not only executes the curriculum designed by the experts from City of Oxford College, UK but also have them recruited to work here with us consistently on Life skills programme – which is something the first of its kind in the region.

Education must make the learner fit for the world beyond his/her frontiers. This is yet another significant objective of the institution to fashion its students to their fullest potential so that they rise as cosmopolitan citizens of the future world. Talla Padmavathi International School has all the programme ready for the same, wherein the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills of the learner are tuned in accordance with the global perspectives while the roots of Indian culture and tradition remain intact.

Being the Head of multiple educational institutions for over three decades, I deem it my primary obligation towards global community to impart highly intellectual and emotionally balanced future-ready young generations. And I am certain that Talla Padmavathi International School will stand triumphant in its intended efforts.

I wish you all a happy Schooling.